Free Insider’s Guide to Buying Life Insurance (PDF)


About the author: Bob Deighton has been in the life insurance business since 1984 and is licensed with the top life insurance companies. Licensed to do business in 28 states, Bob is a General Agent for Midland National Life Insurance Company and many other companies. He has helped thousands of people get the right life insurance policy for their unique needs and circumstances. This free life insurance guide can help you better understand how different life insurance policies work and how to get the most value from your policy.

We cover many different topics in this free life insurance guide. We explain how conversion options work on term life insurance and why choosing a policy from the right company can make the difference between being insurable or uninsurable in the future. We have seen this happen in real life with clients that were able to continue coverage beyond the expiration date of their term life insurance policy even though they had serious health issues that would have prevented them from qualifying for a new term policy.

In the free life insurance guide we also explain how accelerated benefit riders work and how you can be paid a cash benefit while you are living if you are diagnosed with heart disease, stroke, internal cancer, ALS, chronic illness, or terminal illness. Not all policies offer these benefits but we can help you compare the ones that are available.

We also outline the best way to shop for life insurance online with an instant life insurance quoting website that protects your personal information from being shared with marketers(what you want) versus a lead generation site that sells your personal information to third parties(what you don’t want). Some of the other topics that are covered in the free life insurance guide are no exam life insurance, how to save money by back dating a policy, the difference between a captive agent and a broker, and many more!

Free Insider’s Guide to Buying Life Insurance (PDF)



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